Pokémon GO Glossary

Achievement Finishing accomplishments in Pokémon GO will compensate players with award that appeared in his or her Trainer Profile.
Battle At the point when Pokémon battle against each other. To win a fight, Trainers must utilize Pokémon Moves to diminish their adversary's HP down to 0. Effectively won fights will bring about picked up Trainer XP.
Berry A thing that can utilized on a wild Pokémon to make a less demanding to catch.
Camera A sort of Item, which permits players to take pictures of wild, Pokémon experiences without taking a screenshot.
Candy Can utilized to Evolve Pokémon and build the CP (Combat Points) and HP (Health Points) of caught Pokémon. Sweet is particular to each Pokémon Evolution family.
Charge Move An effective Move that can utilized amid fight. Charge Moves oblige Stamina to utilize.
Combat Points (CP) CP speaks to how capable a Pokémon is, appeared as a number over the leader of each Pokemon, Pokémon with higher CP are hard to catch, yet perform better in fight. Trainers with more prominent Tier Pokeballs can catch intense Pokémon even more effectively.
Dodge Swiping right or left on the screen amid a fight will permit a Pokémon to Dodge an assault. Evading an assault results in no harm taken from that specific assault.
Egg An Item, which compensates a player with another Pokémon when incubated. Strolling a specific separation will incubate the Egg.
Egg Incubator Used to bring forth Eggs.
Evolution At the point when a Pokémon changes into even more capable types of Pokémon. An Evolved Pokémon will get a critical increment in CP and details.
Evolution Shard Supplanted with Candy in Official Release. Initially used to Evolve Pokémon in the Beta form of Pokémon GO.
Experience Points (XP) Mentors pick up XP for performing different activities in Pokémon GO. Case of these activities incorporate, catching Pokemon, going by Pokestops, winning Gym fights, and so on.
Faint At the point when a Pokemon's HP achieves zero it will black out. A swooned Pokémon must resuscitated before it can fight once more.
Fast Move A speedy move that can utilized amid fight. Quick Moves renew Stamina even more rapidly.
Gym An area where Pokémon can be combat and prepared. Groups will contend to acquire control of Gyms.
Hit Points (HP) HP decides the measure of harm a Pokémon can take in fight before it vanquished.
Incense Used to pull in more Pokémon to your area for a specific timeframe.
Item A will be a virtual article that can be gotten, utilized, gathered and put away in a player's stock. Things incorporate Pokeballs, Berrries, Potions, and so forth and can found for nothing at Pokestops.
Level Up At the point when a Trainer increases enough XP, he or she will Level Up. Players with higher Trainer Levels will have the capacity to catch more grounded Pokémon. Achieving certain levels will bring about Item compensates.
Lucky Egg Gives twofold Xp for a specific timeframe when utilized.
Max Revive An Item used to Revive Fainted Pokémon and completely reestablish HP.
Move An assault that can performed by Pokémon amid fight. There are Charge Moves and Fast Moves.
Not Very Effective Depicts a Move that does less harm amid fight. On the off chance that a Pokémon Type is impervious to a specific Type of Move, that Move will for the most part arrangement less harm. (Eg. Fire Type Moves versus a Water Type Pokemon).
Pokeball A thing used to catch and store Pokémon. More grounded Pokéballs can utilized to catch even more capable Pokemon.
Pokécoin A sort of coin used to buy things and lasting redesigns in Pokémon GO.
Pokémart Area where Pokecoins can spent on unique Items and changeless Upgrades.
Pokéstop An area where free Items can gotten. These incorporate Pokeballs, Eggs, Max Revives, and so forth.
Potion An Item used to reestablish Pokémon HP. The even more effective a Potion, the more noteworthy % of HP will reestablished.
Power Up The demonstration of expanding the CP and HP of a caught Pokémon. This can be refined through gathering enough Stardust and Candy.
Prestige Picked up by effectively preparing at Gyms and required to Level Up Gyms. A more elevated amount Gym will have more spaces for guarding Pokemon, consequently expanding general cautious potential.
Revive The demonstration of reestablishing a vanquished Pokémon back to full wellbeing.
Stamina (Energy) Stamina required by Pokémon to perform Charge Moves in fight. The Stamina bar appeared amid fight and exhausts when a Charge Move utilized. Stamina will gradually renew amid fight naturally, however can reestablished even more immediately when utilizing a Fast Move.
Stardust Can utilized alongside Candy to Power Up caught Pokémon. Stardust is not species particular and thusly can utilized on any Pokemon.
Super Effective Depicts a Move that accomplishes more harm amid fight. In the event that a Move Type is solid against a specific Type of Pokemon, that Move will bargain more harm. (Eg. Water Type Moves versus Fire Type Pokemon).
Team There are three groups in Pokémon GO (Red, Blue and Yellow). Groups must cooperate to catch and shield Gyms.
Trainer Your Trainer serves as your own interesting symbol in Pokémon GO. Mentors can travel, catch Pokemon, fight at Gyms, visit Pokestops, gather things, and so on.
Training Preparing alludes to the demonstration of engaging either your own Pokémon or a Teammate's Pokémon at an inviting Gym. Winning preparing Battles results in picked up Trainer XP and expanded Gym Prestige for your Team.
Type Sorts give favorable circumstances and disservices in fight contingent upon the Types of Pokémon and Types of Moves that utilized. There are eighteen distinct Types in Pokémon GO. Each Pokémon may have maybe a couple Types, while every Move just has one Type.
Type Effectiveness In light of the Type of move utilized and the guarding Type of Pokémon an assault may bargain ordinary harm, lessened harm or expanded harm.
Upgrade A changeless change to a player's record. Overhauls may incorporate expanded Item storage room.