In Pokémon Go, Candy can be gathered by catching wild Pokémon and bring forth Eggs. When enough Candy gathered, it utilized to build the CP (Combat Points) and HP (Health Points) of caught Pokémon. Expanding these details will make Pokémon more grounded in Battle.

Note that Candy is particular to each Pokémon Evolutionfamily. For instance, Squirtle Candy gotten by getting and bring forth any Pokémon in Squirtle's advancement line. This would incorporate Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise.

You will require Squirtle Candy to Power Up a Squirtle, Wartortle or Blastoise.

To perceive the amount Candy is required to control up a particular Pokemon, take after these Steps:

#1. In Map View, touch the Main Menu.

#2. Touch Pokemon.

#3. Select a Pokémon to see from your rundown of Pokemon.

#4. The measure of Candy and Stardust expected to Power Up will show in the Pokémon Information screen. In the case picture, this Ekans requires 100 Stardust in addition to one Ekans Candy to Power up its CP and HP. The particular Evolution from Ekans to Arbok would require 0 Stardust and 17 Candy.

Other Information About Candy

- Instead of discharging a wild Pokemon, it can be 'exchanged to the Professor' and you will get one Candy for doing as such.