Combat Points (CP)

CP (Combat Power) is a measure of how intense a Pokémon is. The higher CP estimation of a Pokémon the more harm that Pokémon will bargain in Battle. Amid Wild Pokémon experiences, the CP worth will appeared over the Pokemon's head. Each Pokemon's CP worth can likewise found in the Pokedex, which can gotten to through the primary menu.


Expanding CP

Once a Pokémon has caught, its CP can expanded by utilizing either of the accompanying techniques.

Development: Acquiring enough Candy from a particular Pokémon advancement line will permit a player to advance his or her Pokémon. Developing a Pokémon will transform it into an alternate, even more capable species with various Moves. Advanced Pokémon will likewise get an expansion to extreme HP.

Power Up: Acquiring enough Candy and Stardust will permit a player to 'Catalyst' Pokémon. While developing a Pokémon changes the types of Pokemon, Powering Up a Pokémon will keep the species as is while boosting the Pokemon's CP and HP for all time. Stardust can utilized on any types of Pokemon.


Other Information About CP

- Pokémon of the same species can have diverse CP levels. For instance, one Wild Squirtle may have a CP of 278, while another Wild Squirtle may have a CP of 254.

- Higher level Trainers are equipped for finding and catching higher CP Pokemon.

- Pokémon of more elevated amount Trainers will have more noteworthy potential CP levels than that of lower level Trainers.

- Leveling Up will build the potential CP of all caught Pokémon marginally.

- During fight, the Pokémon with a higher CP level as a rule have the favorable position (Type Effectiveness aside).

- Evolved Pokémon will largely have more prominent CP than Wild Pokémon of the same species.

- When going by Gyms, the CP of protecting Pokémon can see before choosing whether to test that Gym.