Evolution Shard

An Evolution Shard is a segment required for Evolving Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Every individual Pokémon species has a specific number of Evolution Shards required before an Evolution can occur. Development Shards are particular to the types of Pokémon that caught.

For instance, if a Bulbasaur caught, a player will get a solitary Bulbasaur Evolution Shard. That Shard fill the Bulbasaur's Evolution Crystal by one. In addition, won't number towards the Shard check some other types of Pokemon.


Where Can I Get Evolution Shards?

Development Shards can gotten by catching Wild Pokémon. Shards will credited to a player's record when a Pokémon caught. Regardless of the possibility that a Pokémon discharged, the Evolution Shard will even now held.


Why are Evolution Shards so Important?

Development Shards expected to Evolve Pokémon. Pokémon pick up a huge increment in CP when developed into an even more intense structure. Second and third stage Pokémon can found in the Wild yet developed Pokémon more grounded than Wild Pokémon of the same species.

For instance, a Trainer's Ivysaur (developed from Bulbasaur) will be more capable than a Wild Ivysaur. Likewise, Trainer XP honored when a Pokémon is advanced.


At the point when would I be able to utilize Evolution Shards?

At the point when the required number of Evolution Shards gathered for specific types of Pokemon, the Evolution Crystal will totally filled. Once the Crystal is filled, one and only Pokémon of that species can be developed.

Once the Evolution has occurred, the Crystal will return to its underlying shard prerequisite tally.


By what method Can I Use Evolution Shards?

By getting to your (caught) Pokémon profiles through the Main Menu, the Evolution Shard counter can seen for each Pokémon. It will demonstrate the quantity of Evolution Shards procured and remaining sum still should have gathered.

Once the Crystal filled, it will turn red and the choice "Would you like to advance ____?" will be accessible. Essentially click yes to continue and watch the advancement occur!