Hit Points (HP)

HP remains for Hit Points/Health Points and speaks to the extreme measure of harm a Pokémon can take in fight before blacking out. Amid Gym fights, the HP of both the assaulting and guarding Pokémon appeared as a Health Bar. This appeared over the Stamina (Energy) bar.

Pokémon of the same species may have diverse measure of HP. For instance, a player may have one Pikachu with 33 HP and another with 35 HP. Wellbeing Points are essential, as Pokémon with more elevated amounts of HP and CP will factually perform better while assaulting or safeguarding at Gyms.

For whatever length of time that a Pokémon has not blacked out, its HP can renewed by utilizing Potions. Mixtures are things that can found at Pokestops and may reestablish 25% HP to most extreme HP relying upon the kind of Potion utilized.