A Move in Pokémon GO is an assault utilized by Pokémon as a part of fight. Each Pokémon can have two distinct moves at any given time. One move assigned as a Fast Move while the other is a Charge Move. Amid fight, you can either avoid an assault, utilize an Item or utilize a Fast/Charge Move.

A Charge Move bargains more harm than a Quick Move, however obliges Stamina to utilize.

A Fast Move bargains less harm than a Charge Move, yet reestablishes Stamina when utilized.

Two Pokémon of the same species can have distinctive Moves. For instance, one wild Ekans may have Acid as its Fast Move and Mud Bomb as its Charge Move, while another Ekans may have Bite as its Fast Move and Wrap as its Charge Move.

The accompanying is a Current List of all Pokémon GO Moves and Move Types.