While Experience Points (XP) are required to Level Up Trainers, Prestige is expected to Level Up Gyms.

Notoriety can earned by overcoming Pokémon in fight at benevolent Gyms (otherwise called Training).

At the point when a Gym increases enough Prestige it will Level Up and pick up an extra cautious Pokémon space. Groups will need to cooperate and Train at Gyms to win Prestige rapidly keeping in mind the end goal to develop Gym safeguards.

Winning a Training fight will build a Gym's Prestige by 50 focuses.


Glory Required for Gym Level Ups


Level one Gyms increment to Level 2 Gyms at 500 Prestige focuses.

Level two Gyms increment to Level 3 Gyms at 1,000 glory focuses.

Level three Gyms increment to Level 4 Gyms at 2,000 Prestige focuses.