Super Effective

Super Effective alludes to a Move that arrangements more than ordinary harm to a Pokemon.

At the point when a Move utilized on a Pokémon as a part of fight, it might bargain ordinary harm, expanded harm (Super Effective) or less harm (Not Very Effective). This dictated by the Type of Move utilized and the Type of Pokémon the Move utilized on, otherwise called Type Effectiveness.

Certain Pokémon Types are more helpless against particular Types of harm. For instance, Squirtle is in a fight with Charmander. It chooses to utilize Water Gun, which happens to be a Water Type Move. Being that Charmander is a Fire Type Pokémon it is powerless against Water and in this way, it will take additional harm from the assault.

On the off chance that a Pokémon Type is frail against a Move, "Super Effective" will show up on the screen after the assault lands.