Players can go along with one of three unique Teams in Pokémon GO. The choices are Team Mystic (Blue), Team Valor (Red) or Team Instinct (Yellow). Players of the same Team should cooperate to catch and shield Gyms.

On the off chance that you have not yet picked a Team, just visit a Gym. After associating with the Gym, the alternative to join a Team will get to be accessible to you.

Brisk Tip: If playing with companions or a gathering of companions attempt to all join the same Team so you can fight against different Teams together.

A controlled Gym will be the shade of the Team that claims it. For instance, on the off chance that you see a Yellow Gym marker on the guide, it possessed by the Yellow Team. Impartial (unowned) Gyms will be the shading Gray.

Rec centers that have the same shading as your Team seem to be 'Amicable Gyms'.

Rec centers that have one of the other two Team hues are 'Adversary Gyms'.


Assaulting Enemy Gyms

Players can fight at Enemy Gyms solo or with different colleagues. The objective is to diminish the Prestige of Enemy Gyms by overcoming the shielding Pokémon at these Gyms. At the point when enough Prestige lost by a Gym it will get to be Neutral. Now, any player can catch this Gym for their Team.


Protecting/Training at Friendly Gyms

Players will need to put Pokémon at Friendly Gyms to protect against contradicting Teams. The more elevated amount a Gym, the even more protecting Pokémon spaces it will have. Mentors can fight disposed Pokémon at Gyms (otherwise called Training) to pick up Prestige for their Gym. Cooperating as a Team, players will need to attempt and manufacture the best Pokémon barrier conceivable to ensure and hold Gyms.