Each Pokémon GO player has a Trainer, which serves as his or her own particular one of a kind symbol. A player controlled Trainer can made and altered toward begin of the amusement. Subsequent to picking an outfit and username, Trainers can then start investigating this present reality.

Amid a Trainer's Pokémon GO venture, there numerous things that he or she can do. These incorporate, however are not constrained to the accompanying:

- Trainers can join a Team.

- Trainers can Capture Pokemon.

- Trainers can pick up Experience Points (XP) and Level Up.

- Trainers can Evolve Pokemon.

- Trainer can visit Pokestops.

- Trainers can Battle Pokémon at Gyms.

- Trainers can utilize Items, for example, Pokeballs and Potions.

- Trainers can spend Pokecoins at the Pokemart.

There are numerous different things to do and objectives to accomplish in Pokémon GO. Continue investigating and picking up XP to locate the rarest and most intense Pokémon in the diversion!