Preparing in Pokémon GO alludes to the demonstration of Battling one's Pokémon at an amicable Gym. The safeguarding Pokémon will be claimed either the individual Training or by a Teammate. The motivation behind Training is to win the fight with a specific end goal to procure XP for your Trainer and Prestige for your Gym.


The most effective method to Train at an Enemy/Neutral Gym


To Train at a Gym that claimed by another Team, you should first annihilation that Gym until hasPrestige. Once a Gym loses all Prestige it will get to be Neutral. To catch the Gym, essentially send one of your Pokémon to Defend the Gym. The Gym will then change into the shade of your Team.


Step by step instructions to Train at a Friendly Gym

Once a Gym caught by your Team, visit the Gym and pick your best Pokémon to use in fight. Utilizing Moves and Dodge the objective is to arrangement harm to the safeguarding Pokémon to decrease its HP to zero.

After effectively winning the Training fight, you will win Trainer XP and Prestige for your Team's Gym. The even more Training a Team does at a specific Gym, the quicker that Gym will Level Up. Larger amount Gyms are for the most part more troublesome for restricting Teams to catch.


Preparing Tips

- Train against shielding Pokémon with lower CP to amplify all out XP and Prestige Gains.

- Use Moves that are Super Effective against the Type of Pokémon you combating against.

- Team Up with players and Train in the meantime keeping in mind the end goal to accelerate the rate of Prestige Gain