Beginner's Guide

Pokémon GO is a very simple act. You can play it every ware and in any time. Even when you don`t like games, you can trust us this game you will like. The rules of Pokémon GO you will get in a short time of playing.

We decide to write this guide for the beginning user. With this information you can study play the act really fast. We tell you regarding Requirements Apps, Terms, Capturing of Pokemon, Obtaining Items, Gym Mechanics, Leveling Up and all you wantto know.


About act


Pokémon GO is act, which calls Augmented Reality MMO. You must play it with connection to a real world. The atmosphere is yours, but the Pokémon is virtual. For playing, you can use your Mobile Devices, GPS and an Internet connection. The Internet can be WIFI or mobile connection with a good speed.


Downloads and setting


Before the downloading, check your mobile device. It must have all specifications and requirements, which this game wants.



You can play Pokémon GO in devices with Android or iOS. Internet connection is Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. Version of Android must be 4.3 or higher. Minimal iOS users must have an iPhone 5. When you didn`t know, what device you have, check it into a currently running to your phone.


Downloading the Game

Android users can download act either the Google Play App Store and the iOS users must download it into the iTunes App Store. You must find Pokémon GO in to a search and click to “Install”. Then the act should be good to go.

When you sure that gadget have 200MB, you can download game. First download will be 50 MB, but then here will be a new updates.

If all of this is fine, you can download the game. Your device ask you, which are you sure for downloading. When you click “yes”, all will be good. If you have no space in your phone, delete unused files.




This area goes over the fundamental Terms, Settings and Controls each new Pokémon GO player ought to know.



There are an assortment of various Terms utilized as a part of Pokémon GO, which a few players can`t acquainted with. Make sure to look at the glossary to take in more about the ordinarily utilized terms and phrases as a part of Pokémon GO.


Game Settings

You can zoom all through the guide while playing. Moreover, you can turn on the Battery Saver mode, which is extremely helpful for monitoring power (particularly in the event that you do not have a reinforcement battery).


Game Controls

You are the controller. Begin strolling and your virtual Trainer will go alongside you.Utilize your touchscreen to cooperate with the menu.

Pokémon and locations on your map. The controls are easy to utilize and you will be acclimated to them in a brief timeframe.

In the event that you utilize the Pokémon GO Plus, make a point to keep your telephone's Bluetooth setting on.

At the point when associated remotely, you will have the capacity to catch Pokémon without expecting to take a gander at your cell phone.




You have downloaded the game, acclimated yourself with the normal terms and took in the essential controls. Congrats! You are presently prepared to start your Pokémon GO.

Trainer Creation Customization

At the earliest reference point of the amusement, you have the chance to make your own particular Pokémon GO Trainer. He or she will serve your novel symbol. You will go to the far corners of the planet.

Device will give the alternative to name and redo your Trainer with assortment of various restorative choices. You may redo your Trainer's Gender, Face, Hair, Eye Color, Hat, Shirt, Pants, Shoes and Backpack.


Choosing a Team

When you have concluded your Trainer's appearance and username, you will have the capacity to begin research. In the end, you will run over a Gym. After going to your first Gym, you will be solicit to go along with one from three Teams. Spiritualist is Blue, Valor is Red and Instinct is Yellow.

On the off chance that you plan to play with companions, picking a Team is essential. Players of the same Team should cooperate to take control of contradicting Team’s Gyms and guard neighborly Gyms (More about Gyms later in this aide).

On the off chance that you wish to play close by companions, make a point to talk about with them first before picking a Team.


Main Menu

Before you explore further, here is a little information on the Main Menu. At the bottom of the screen, you will see four icons. From left to right, these include Trainer Profile Picture, Pokedex, Items and Pokemon.

Trainer Profile. Here you can see your present Trainer level, XP required to achieve the following level, Badges/Achievements and that is only the tip of the iceberg. You will get accomplishments for strolling certain separations, getting a required number of new Pokemon, and going to a set number of Pokestops, winning a specific number of Gym fights, and so forth.

Pokédex. This is an advanced reference book of each Pokémon can caught in Pokémon GO. When you first begin, each Pokémon Profile covered up.

When you catch a Pokemon, the Pokédex will populate with a picture and uncover point-by-point data about that specific Pokemon.

Items. As you travel and advance in Pokémon GO you will have the capacity to acquire things. These Items may incorporate Pokeballs, Potions, Eggs, and so on that consequently be added to your stock. Squeezing the Items symbol will giveyousnappy access to your stock.

Pokémon. Pulling up the Pokémon menu will permit you to see the majority of the Pokémon you have caught in this way. Each Pokémon will appear as a little picture with its relating value. Selecting a Pokémon will demonstrate further points of interest including Type, stature, weight, Moves, and so on (additional about these later).




You have made your Avatar, picked a Team and acclimated yourself with the fundamental menu. It is currently time to step on the planet as a Pokémon GO Trainer!



In the wake of making your first strides, you will see distinctive purposes of enthusiasm on your guide. These areas incorporate Pokemon, Pokestops and Gyms. Every fills an alternate need and can cooperated with in an unexpected way.

Pokémon will for the most part live in areas like that of their Type. For example, Water Type Pokémon will be even more intensely populated close Lakes, Oceans, and so on. While Grass and Bug Type Pokémon will discovered, even more frequently close Woods, Parks, and so forth.



On the off chance that a wild Pokémon is adjacent, it will appear on your screen. Just keep strolling towards it and after that collaborate with it to start the experience. The amusement will consequently move from the 10,000-foot map view into a one on one experience mode amongst you and the wild Pokemon.


How to Capture Pokemon

To catch the Pokémon, toss a Pokeball at the Pokémon by swiping your finger towards it. In the event that done accurately, you will see the Pokeball fly towards the objective.

Every wild Pokémon will have a hued ring around it, which speaks to how troublesome of a catch it is.

Green = Easy

Orange = Medium

Red = Difficult

You will need to utilize even more capable Pokeballs, for example, Great Balls and Ultra Balls to catch more grounded Pokemon.

Berries can also be utilized (once per experience) to make a Pokémon less demanding to catch. A Berry will really change the shade of the catch ring when utilized.

A wild Pokémon with CP over its head implies that it is too capable to catch in view of your present Trainer Level. It is conceivable to catch these Pokemon, yet exceptionally troublesome. Step Up your Trainer will make effective Pokémon less demanding to get.


Pokémon CP and HP

When you first experience a wild Pokémon it will have a CP esteem floating over its head. CP remains for Combat Points and is a main consideration in deciding how effective that Pokémon is. The higher a Pokemon's CP, the more troublesome it will be to catch and the more harm it will do in fight.

HP remains for Hit Points/Health Points, and speaks to the amount of harm a Pokémon can take in fight before it crushed. You will need to keep maybe a couple Pokémon of the same species with the most astounding CP and HP values (Especially those that have Evolution abilities).


Pokémon Types

Every Pokémon will have it is possible that maybe a couple Types, contingent upon the types of Pokémon. Certain Types of Pokémon are powerless against certain Move Types, while different Types might be impermeable to the extremely same Move Types.

For instance, a Fire Type Pokémon will take more harm from a Water Type Move, while a Grass Type Pokémon will take less harm from a Water Type Move.


Pokémon Moves

Moves in Pokémon GO are assaults that your Pokémon can use in fight. Each Pokémon will have two Moves. One Charge Move and one Fast Move.

Charge Move: An intense assault that can performed amid fight yet requires Stamina (Energy) to utilize. Charge Moves can performed by squeezing and holding.

Quick Move: A fast assault that can performed without utilizing Stamina (Energy). At the point when utilized it will recharge some of your drained Stamina (Energy). Quick Moves can performed by tapping.

Move Types: notwithstanding Pokémon Types, every Move will really have an individual Type too. For instance, a Normal Type Pokémon may have a Normal Type Fast Move and a Dark Type Charge Move.



Pokestops are certifiable areas that can be gone by to get things. A Pokestop appeared on the guide as a marker that resembles a drifting Pokeball.

As you get nearer the Pokestop scorer will change mold. Tap the Pokestop to associate with it.

Next, twist the center of the Pokestop and it will administer things. Tap or swipe thet hings on the screen to gather them.

Going by Pokestops is the ideal approach to acquire free things in Pokémon GO.

You may discover Pokeballs, Potions, Eggs, Max Revives, and so forth. You will likewise get a little measure of XP. Visit the greatest number of Pokestops as you can.



Gathered things will consequently put away in your stock and can utilized all through your voyage. Everything has an alternate reason.

Pokeballs: Acquired from Pokestops and used to catch and store wild Pokemon.

Mixtures: Acquired from Pokestops and used to mend a percentage of a solitary Pokemon's drained HP.

Max Revive: Acquired from Pokestops and used to resuscitate swooned (HP) Pokemon.

Berries: Can utilized on wild Pokémon to make them less demanding to catch.



While more uncommon than Pokeballs, Eggs can likewise obtained from Pokestops. Eggs can conveyed and in the wake of strolling a specific separation your Egg(s) will incubate into a Pokemon! The types of Pokémon that portals from the Egg will randomized.

Note: The Egg Incubator is an Item that can acquired from the Shop by spending Pokecoins. It can utilized to bring forth Eggs.



Exercise centers are true areas that Teams fight for control over. A Gym appeared on the guide as a coasting marker with stages.

Pokémon can be prepared at an amicable Gym to expand the Gym's Prestige and Level. Crushing Pokémon at a restricting Team's Gym will bring down the Gym'sPrestige and Level. At the point when doing combating at Gyms, you can either Dodge or utilize one of your Pokemon's Moves.


Gym Battle Mechanics

When you visit a Gym, you will have the alternative of either Training (Battling neighborly Pokemon) or Challenging (Battling Pokémon from a restricting Team). The fight mechanics are comparative in both diversion modes.

In the wake of picking your Pokémon Team, the fight will begin and you will go head to head against a safeguarding Pokémon (controlled by AI, as opposed to by a genuine player).

Step by step instructions to win a Battle: To win a fight, you should utilize your Pokemon's moves to diminish the HP of your rival's Pokémon down to zero.

HP and Stamina: Both Pokémon will have their HP bar unmistakable amid fight. The assaulting Pokémon will have its blue Stamina (Energy) bar indicated directly beneath its HP.

CP (Combat Points): The more imperative the CP estimation of your Pokemon, the more unmistakable measure of evil it will bargain amidst fight.

Moves: Using a blend of Fast and Charge Moves will accomplish more central amidst fight. Develop your Stamina bar with Fast moves and after that unleash gifted Charge Moves to acknowledge the obvious issues of your foe's HP. You will get the hang of this after just a few fights.

Either going without swiping left or right on, the screen will permit you to Dodge limiting assaults. Avoided ambushes will accomplish zero harm taken.


Rec focus Rewards

Winning Training fights will regard you with Trainer XP and developed Prestige for your benevolent Gym. Winning Gym fights will permit you with Trainer XP and diminish the Prestige of the limiting Gym.


Reputation and Gym Levels

Arranging effectively at a neighborly Gym will accomplish amplified Gym Prestige at that Gym. Precisely when a Gym enhancement enough Prestige it will Level Up.

The higher a Gym's level, the more Defensive Pokémon spaces it will have. The even more Defending Pokémon a Gym has the more unrealistic it is too vanquished by adversary bundles.

Precisely when a Gym is vanquish, enough times its control will persuade the chance to be Neutral. Nonpartisan Gyms can take control of by any Team. Once got, it is then the controlling social occasion's business to secure that Gym against the other two get-togethers.




Different Pokémon have the limit of Evolving in Pokémon GO. At the point when a Pokémon creates it advances to a significantly more grounded structure. Advancing a Pokémon requires a specific measure of Candy.



Sweet gathered by getting Pokémon. Right when a required number ofCandyis amassed, you will have the choice of pushing a solitary Pokémon. Sweet is particular to the sorts of Pokémon got (Eg. Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander).


CP Increase

Made Pokémon will indicate critical expansions in CP. You can catch forward sorts of Pokémon in the wild; in any case, Evolved Pokémon of the same species will by and large have more CP. Additionally, pushing a Pokemon, make a point to pick the one with the most astonishing CP to amplify CP potential. Stardust and Candy can used to Power up a Pokemon, augmenting its CP and HP.




While individual Pokémon can't Level Up in Pokémon GO, your Trainer can. By picking up Experience Points (XP) your Trainer will Level Up and wind up being even more effective.


Getting XP

There are different chances to get XP in Pokémon GO. The standard way sin corporate Capturing Pokemon, Evolving Pokemon, Winning Gym Battles, Visiting Pokestops, and so forth.

Note: Capturing another Pokémon will allow reward XP.


Venture Up

Ensuing to satisfactorily extending XP you will progress to the going with Trainer Level. Every Level will promise more XP, therefore Leveling Up swings out to be more troublesome later on in the amusement.


In spite of the way that it might take a while to finish the most great Trainer Level, Leveling Up your guide is the ideal approach to manage build up a more grounded Team and advance further in the a muse me.


Getting Stronger Pokemon

As you keep getting XP and Level Up you will see that the CP of close to wild Pokémon increments adjacent you. Not just will you start to see effective Pokémon in the wild, these Pokémon will persuade the chance to be less asking for to get.


For example, a Pokémon that used to be a Very Difficult Catch a few Levels back, may now happen to be just a Medium Difficulty Catch.


Development Rewards

Essentially, to having the respect get higher CP Pokemon, you will give thing rewards as you Level Up. For example, you may get a few Great Balls for achieving a specific Level. A couple Levels later you may reimbursed with a few Ultra Balls or even a momentous Master Ball. Continue advancing to win those prizes!

Here are five brilliant tips on How to Gain XP Fast.




Pokémon GO may take after a reasonable flexible App at first look, yet the one of a kind battle structure truly changes Pokémon GO into a delight, inside, and out technique distraction.


Sort Effectiveness

In fight, picking the gain Pokémon Type(s) and Move Type(s) is crucial to your prosperity. A specific Move Type may chaffer essential fiendishness to a specific Pokémon if that Pokémon is at a Type impediment.

In the event that the Pokémon has a Type advantage, it will take less harm from Moves of that Type.

There are 18 specific Types all around, so make a point to adjust with the qualities and insufficiencies of each.

Do you comprehend that Bug Type Moves are Super Effective against Grass and Psychic Type Pokemon? Then again, that Bug Type Pokémon are frail against Rock, Fire and Flying Type Moves.

Make a point to regard at the Full List of Pokémon Types and Move Types to understand how to get that basic favored perspective in fight.


Bunch Optimization

Being that each, Type of Pokémon has an insufficiency; it is difficult to assemble a Pokémon Team with zero deficiencies. Notwithstanding, what you can do is use Pokémon with Types that will addition each other.

For example, rather than utilizing substantially Bug, Grass and Ice Type Pokémon (all feeble against Fire) add a Water Type Pokémon to your Team. Fire Moves are Not Very Effective against Water Pokémon and Water Type Moves are Super Effective against Fire Types. Picking Pokémon because of this system will minimize your Team's inadequacies, finally making your social event all the more fit.

We believe, that this helper help to your play. Thankful to you for examining.